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Clearly, one would say I have too much time on my hands. But I guess that’s what a pandemic does to you. Being in the hospitality business I would have to say that one comes to appreciate the true meaning of “Customer Service”.

This is not my first rodeo with Coles Click and Collect there have been several issues I’ve experienced that caused me to once again complain about another wonderful Australian Corporation.

It would appear at least to me that the way it works these days is, the corporation is right and the customer is wrong. We are dictated as to what their procedure is, and should not argue with the procedure.

Several times I have gone to Coles to pick up my orders with their Coles Click and Collect service. When I am a min away I call and let them know I am there to pick up the order so I don’t have to wait for 10 or sometimes 15mins for them to come up with the goods.

Upon arrival, I sit there and wait. While waiting I watch cars come after me, call and their packages come out and they leave and I am still sitting there waiting.

After calling again, and asking where the goods were, I’m then told that I didn’t call and they have no record of me being there waiting for the product to come out.

Now on 15 January 2022 @ 11:11 am we placed an order, and this time tried another Coles store in the hopes that we would find better results.

The same day we received an e-mail 15 January 2022 @ 10:58 pm, that the order was ready to be collected 16 January 2022, between 6:00 am – 8:00 am.

Guess what??

I arrived 16 January 2022, @ 6:00 am to pick up my order, called and called to receive no answer. So I thought I’d walk into the store, which defeated the whole purpose of the process only to find that the doors were locked and the store didn’t open till 7:00 am

Upon returning to the store @ 7:00 am I called again from the car park several times to get my items and again no one answered. So, again I attempted to walk into the store. When I got to the customer service desk to ask for my goods and inform them that I was there @ 6:00 am I was asked. Why were you here @ 6:00 am when we don’t open till 7:00 am?

How the hell was I supposed to know that?

The lady behind the desk picked up the phone to contact someone and then walked away saying nothing to me. Another lady came many mins later and asked me if she could help me. I again stated that I was there to pick up my order. She asked me if it was scheduled, and said was it for 6 to 8 am. I said yes and asked if she’d like to see the e-mail. She said no and then proceeded to the back with another young man, came out with 4 or 5 bags between them in hand.

Then she said something about a cart. I followed both the lady and young man and they walked me to a cart put the goods in the cart and she pushed the cart in my direction and said here you go left the cart with me to take to the car.

Now, after all that dribble I just spouted here is the reason I’m writing this.

When a Coles executive calls for a service, they expect that service to be handled with precision. If you don’t give them the service they want they give you a diplomat tongue lashing of Bull Shit because they weren’t treated like royalty.

Why shouldn’t expect the same from them when I am requesting a service from them?

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