Don’t waste your time with Sendle!

So let’s talk about companies that don’t give a shit about you. is a prime example of that.

As a seller on ebay, I think we are all aware that we have a pandemic issue. In saying that we also deal with other companies and count on them to do their jobs. Part of doing your job is communication. seems not to know what that means.

Understanding the current environment we find ourselves in you could expect delays in parcel pickup. What you would also expect is communication if there is a problem.

On the 18th of Oct 2021 I created shipping labels that generally would be picked up on the day or the following day depending on the time. On the evening of the 19th I emailed and as of present still have received no response. As sendle is nothing more than 3rd party using the major couriers such as and Aramex to pick up and deliveries while they take a cut, I took it upon myself to contact to ask them for help.

The first thing I did was check the tracking number with couriersplease website to see if there was any status. There was no status. I then called to ask for help and provided them with the tracking number. Guess what?? It didn’t exist in their system, which means the breakdown was the fact that had not sent the job to the courier to even have the items picked up.

From the 18th of Oct 2021 to now I have still not heard from in any form of communication.

This is not the first or even second time this has happened to me and I am sure others. And let us not talk about the nonsense they will put you through if they lose your package. Whereas if you have the same problem with They recognize the problem and just put your money in your account.

Don’t waste your time only use or the other couriers directly. Realize that is doing nothing but moving money and they don’t give a shit about your reputation.




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