Market Manipulation

As it would appear there is nowhere to go and no answers to be received from in Australia, I am creating this post to make sure that my communications remain available for the future.
Below you will find my communication with Amazon. is engaging in anti-competitive acts and providing preferential treatment to certain sellers. In this case, it is a company called LSG Group.
Between 9/4/2021 and 17/7/2021 I sold 53 Digital Forehead Thermometers like this one below. After starting to sell this the price then started dropping. from $49.95 to what is now $26.41 as of the date of this posting. There is only one reason the price would be dropped so dramatically, which is to squeeze any competition out of the market for the particular product you are trying to sell.
After going back and forth with Amazon trying over and over to get clarity. They finally sent messages to all selling the product that they must request approval to sell this specific product on their platform.

Thank you for your application to sell B08B56SZ35. We have reviewed the documentation provided and determined it does not meet our requirements for the following reason(s):

– The picture that you sent has a QR/UPC code, which is not a Transparency code.


* How do I send the required information to get approval for the above ASIN?

Please upload 5 unique Transparency codes in the form of pictures or by scanning codes using the Seller Central case log. The Transparency code is a 2D barcode which is affixed to the outer packaging of each individual unit of the product. To learn more about 2D Transparency Codes, please click (  ). Products enrolled in Transparency can only be fulfilled by Amazon if they have valid Transparency codes. When you fulfill customer orders for Transparency enabled products, you must upload Transparency codes for those products in Seller Central.

I replied to that there was no such image on the package or product itself and asked for clarity. As well as asked why they would create new product groups separating the product from the main listing to this one called Arrise No-Touch Forehead Thermometer which you can now see all of a sudden is unavailable. I also asked why this listing was created utilizing a fake logo? How do I know it’s a fake logo? I purchased it and no logo was was on the box just the sticker you see in the photo below.Here is the original listing for the fake logo item: You will note that the box has this arrise logo on it where it doesn’t exist on the item they were actually shipping.

So this brings me back to my original questions to

  1. Why the market manipulation?
  2. Why the anti-competitive acts against small businesses
  3. Why the preferential treatment toward LSG Group and Aussie-Stock whoever they maybe?

Below you will find in now specific order all of my communication with along with there response you can see it only serves to frustrate and make most walk away from the matter.

After selling 53 of these items I received the following from

I responded that this request was unrealistic as what they are requesting didn’t exist on there packaging or my own which was exactly the same. There response.

There is a QR code on the item which is on the top of the box on both there item and mine. I sent that and then received the following.

Buy without price manipulation or extra fees paid to Amazon.

Digital Forehead Thermometer

And so it continues. I ask for clarification on Aug 28th 2021 and the following is the response from the same person Abhilekh B.

And here is the response

And I respond. 
And the response from as predicted 

Following request to ask further questions at the link. I have done so.


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