Amazon.com.au price gouging

As per my previous post you will note that I have been trying to sell products on amazon.com.auAmazon.com.au has decided that only a few people can sell specific products on their platform “in my opinion”. So, this being the case I purchased a different product that is not the same as their VIP sellers.

This thermometer is being delivered by Amazon at a cost of 49.00. You will find others when they no longer have stock that looks similar but are not the same for the same price. When I was a local seller of the same product at a lower price try to list the product I get every excuse under the sun as to why it’s not listing properly

I added the product to amazon.com.au which you can’t see because they are suppressing it. Upon requesting help and reasons as to why I am unable to see it listed on the platform I got the following response. And this is just one of many for the same issue.

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I understand your concern regarding the availability of the ASIN B09PSJSHFW.

Please know that the ASIN B09PSJSHFW is available for sale on the website and you can confirm the same from the link below:


I have also attached a screenshot along with this email for your reference.

Kindly search for the product from a different email address that is not associated with this seller account.

NOTE – Please note that for security reasons and to ensure your data is secure, attachments are visible to you only when you access your email in your seller central account through your Case Log.

Hence, I would request you to open this email in your Seller Central Account’s Case Log by clicking on the link below and scroll down to the bottom of the email, where you would find the attachments:


When I contact them to tell them that it’s not working I will get the same general response with a little twist, but no real answer or assistance as to why this is not working. They will just say it’s working.

One should point out that it’s not only the consumer that is being gouged but it is the local seller that is being restricted from providing you with competitive pricing. You can only say thank you to ebay.com.au for an even playing field.

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